July 1, 2024
Updated MSAL to 3.16.0.
Update ACS to 1.25.1
New Auto Update Calls Notes
Updated Menu
Updated Activity Column
New Effects.
June 1, 2024
Updated MSAL to 3.14.0.
Update ACS to 1.24.3
New Effects.
May 1, 2024
Updated MSAL to 3.13.0.
Update ACS to 1.23.4
Added Custom Teams Status to Availability
New Effects.
April 1, 2024
Update to search algorithm, to get more quality results. Updated MSAL to 3.11.0. Major update of MGT to version 4.1.0. Improved MS controls rendering performance. Updated ACS to version 1.24. New Effects.
March 1, 2024
Updated MSAL to 3.9.0. Major update of MGT to version 4.0.1. Improved MS controls rendering performance. Updated ACS to version 1.22. New Effects.
February 1, 2024
Updates to license portal. New feature, queue scripts can popup a url when a call is answered from a given queue. Updated MSAL to 3.7.1. Added MS365 Groups to All Teams pane. New Effedts.
January 1, 2024
Updated azure calling to 1.20.1. Updated MSAL to 3.6. New Effedts.
December 1, 2023
Closed Captions GA. Update MSAL from 2.x to 3.x. Added ability to see teams and members for both user and org wide via the PSTN additional app authorization. Voice triggered actions on caller words or phrases.
November 1, 2023
Closed Captions. Captions can be displayed as toasts, or in a larger popup window with history for the current selected call. Many new user effects. Update to MGT 3.1.3.
October 1, 2023
Improved hover on notes. Improved caller ID display. New effects added to libary. Upgraded Bootstrap to 5.3.2. Full migration away from Google material icons.
September 1, 2023
Quick message option on contact card. New OS level call notification. Support to shared address books using Microsoft shared mailbox contacts. Ability to join two calls. Ability to forward a voicemail. Ability to upload a photo for a personal contact. Update Microsoft MGT to 3.1.1.
August 1, 2023
Updated Microsoft MGT to 3.0.1. Global groups in license portal. Additions to effect panel. Support for several new languages. Ability to set and clear custom status. Ability to tag users for presence status updates. Transfer when available features allows users to camp a call for transfer on a user that will automatically trigger upon their availibility. Backup and Restore settings feature.
July 19, 2023
Inital Release. Bridge Operator Console for Microsoft Teams.